Thursday, January 30, 2014

~~~~ LIVE IN THE NOW ~~~~

Heraclitus is one of my favorite Greek philosophers. His philosophy predates Socrates. He is from the Greek city of Ephesus 

One thing I really  respect in  Heraclitus' Philosophy  is that he has been known as a philosopher linked to Mother Earth. He believed that all things are one. Where have we heard this before? He is also known as the Weeping Philosopher." He was not able to complete some of his works  because of  his Melancholia.

Everyone of us has memories from the past. What many of us do not realize is that things are ever changing and are not what they were last experienced. They can be construed in a positive or negative way. What is confusing is  that the past is part of us and contributes to who we are today.

The assignment given to us at birth is to understand who we are and how we are evolving. This can be quite challenging as everything we see is changing before our eyes. We just may not be in tune with the moment. Everything is in motion.

Here are some simple examples of our evolution: Old relationships: We all evolve  not just on the surface. Sure, ~~ we are older on the surface, with  wrinkles , but more importantly are the changes within.    It is like when we revisit our elementary school and old neighborhood only to find that they are  no longer there. or maybe now stands a mall.

Many of us hang on to the past and find it difficult to let go. That can come from painful memories. There are also memories that were beautiful and we wish they could be experienced as when we first experienced them. Not possible. We can try to replicate them and maybe on the surface they look the same. Not possible because we are not the same. However, ~~ maybe you not seeing the differences.

Insight is  a gift everyone is born with. We simply have to open what some of us may call the "Third Eye"

We can sit and daydream or we can appreciate the moment we are in. We only have the "NOW". yesterday is gone and tomorrow is not ours yet.

We may have a favorite camping spot we go to in the summer. We find our favorite campsite under that old tree, or nearby stream or river, but none of this is the same as each time before.

Except that everything is in motion  and grasp the beauty around us and in us. doing this makes our todays and tomorrows much more beautiful.

"For those who are awake there is one common universe"

Quote from Heraclitus

Embrace the now and remain positive, whatever comes your way. ~~ thus,  your tomorrow will be more blessed. 

Love and light to all!