Saturday, May 10, 2014


My troubles are still annoying me. I know they will pass. I have to believe this is so. In one of my life's experiences from the past in the Greek Orthodox church I did find tranquility and peace from the  Iconography  on the walls of the church. I have often preached that you can allow certain freedoms of expressions that will open the doors to your heart and mind.

Since the day of my mother's passing I hold her memory close to my heart. Mother's Day is an opportunity to sit and absorb your mother's energy and love. she has weather passed on or not.This is a lesson we should all absorb.

The above icon of the Virgin Mary holding the Christ child can allow those things which attack the Spirit and soul to  be gone and  allow you to live the life  you deserve. Please believe me when I say you must love yourself before you can love others. One of my favorite singers, Josh  Groban sings a song that addresses my issue with a  song called 

"You are loved"-- do not give up"  up! It really touches me in my state of mind right now.


This Mother's day and all mother's days set aside some time to be with your mother If you you need help in sharing with your Mother, allow yourself to be embraced. Be the person you are inside and share with those who are struggling in life. Our mother's energy is powerful and full of love. It is up to us to reach that energy and live with it everyday.

I sincerely thank  that a member who follows this blog for waking me up wake me up!Thank you so much. As the days pass I will be stronger. 

I thank the membership of this blog for your patience, love and devotion. 

Light and Love to all!

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