Wednesday, July 16, 2014


All of us humans go through phases in our live when we sit and recall our past and come across things we did and said which we wish we did not do or say.

Having said that, we must not live in the past except for one reason only. ~~ to learn from it!!

There is an exercise you can do that will benefit your future. You have control of your future!

There are many  things from my past that I would like to dispose of or change. I suggest we focus on the future. This can be done   with meditation. Regardless how you  find the place of serenity is not important  You just need to have a clear and sharp conscientiousness,  regardless the location.

The Objective  is to  open your mind and to think of what could have  happened if you did not do or say what bothers  your conscientiousness.

In all honesty, it does not matter what was done. There is no eraser to change what  has come and gone.

I have to say that wanting to change the past has in it self a negative connotation. Do not feel that you have missed the boat of life to do well and help people. That is why we try to make up for lost time. That is why we say that we can learn from the past. Two many of us get too lazy and just move on. believing it was not meant to be. I, myself have been guilty of this.

This is why one should develop a routine of going over each affirmation in our daily life which will acknowledge the power we have in us, that we are good and worthy of our live given to us as by the Great Creator. No one should think that we are not worthy.

Get that boulder off your  back and  feel the freedom we have. Allow that freedom to conquer any negativity which attempts to get you off the track of life which will take you to the afterlife.

There are and were many inspired and Spiritual people who became inspirational  who had may reasons to feel negativity. Those people created a goal in life. To became their goal in life to write  and   gained inspiration from the negativity they experienced from life. Pain can be the strongest catalyst in our creativity. It is like going through a metamorphosis in life. Do not be afraid of Pain. There can be a lesson behind every event in life painful,  or not.

Enjoy it!

Let go all the past and find courage and love around the corner from where you are now.

Love and light to all!


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