Tuesday, January 4, 2011


This wonderful video from India touches your soul. It takes an elementary school age boy to inspire the surrounding pedestrians who are probably thinking to themselves, ""this is not my problem, I can't move that fallen tree from the middle of the street. I am not strong enough and will hurt my back" and on top of that~~ its raining".

Most of us do have thoughts of good will but how many of us take action. No matter how difficult the task, if you display unselfish actions of caring you will affect those around you, and you will inspire them to participate in a wonderful act of unity.

What is interesting in this video, is that first all the surrounding children came to help, in the pouring rain and while they could not budge the tree even an inch, they were all laughing and appear to be having fun. Then the adults in the area all joined in the fun of being a caring person, not taking into consideration that the task seemed impossible to take on.

Have we not heard before "a child will lead us". (paraphrased)

This reminds me of a movie called "Finding Never land" with Johnny Depp, Kate Winslet and Dustin Hoffman. Children are strategically placed throughout the theater to see the play "Peter Pan". Their excitement during the play was contagious and the Stiffed neck snobbish adult crowd let down their facade and opened their hearts and enjoyed the production.

Children are not yet contaminated by society's hang-ups and negativity for the most part. I really believe we all need to have child-like qualities to progress spiritually in this realm.

Teach and preach by example and you can make a difference in your household, community, country and world. Having good thoughts of caring can only manifest through action. Witness of your action can change the world like the ripples from a pond of water. Your action is the dropped rock causing the ripple effect!

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