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I had struggled with this post on  the subject for some time now. I had written considerably on the subject and I decided to cut most of what I originally wanted to post here in my blog. This has been sleeping in my archives for no less than a couple months. The Preacher in me was getting too philosophical and dogmatic. I could write a lengthy and boring book on "Original Sin" alone. I will take an excerpt from my writing as follows:

"The doctrine of Original Sin in Christianity( unfortunately there are many forms of Christianity dogmatically speaking)  is the genesis of more Theological debates than any other subject in religious circles. What is eye awakening is that none of the other major religions has such a doctrine in Judaism, Islam, Buddhism or Hinduism.

Original Sin can be linked to the story of Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden. God had instructed Adam and Eve to partake of all the fruits of Eden except for the fruits of tree of knowledge of Good and Evil. Some versions reflect that Eve was beguiled by the devil who appeared in the Garden as a serpent.  Eve in turn convinced Adam to eat from the tree of knowledge (more commonly known as an apple).

Christianity as a whole believes God then cursed Adam and Eve. While they were meant to live for eternity, they were condemned to die for violating God's instructions.  There are also beliefs  that Eve was cursed to experience pain at child birth.

There is so much more to discuss about the beliefs and philosophies surrounding this doctrine

As a Theologian I can offer my interpretation of FREE WILL. Some Christians may say it is because of Original Sin.

Most Christians believe man was born with the propensity for evil  and has to be taught to be good so he does not go down the path of evil. If I have any issues with Christianity, it is that believers are constantly warn to not stray down the wrong path. That they need to be told how and when to pray". 

Yes, I do believe that man does need to learn right from wrong. Yes, I do  believe that man was born in nothing but light of the Creator. I do believe in free will and that each choice made is a lesson in life.

It is my belief  that from children we all choose good over evil. Many movies, animated or otherwise there is a  villain or a bad guy. Have you ever seen a child choose the bad guy over the hero? What is interesting is that society does acknowledge evil exists since the times of the old testament. Writers such as J.R.R. Tolkien and J.K. Rowling have made the battle of good vs. evil victorious as poetic justice not just for man, but for all races on planet Earth. Symbolic of how life has been and will always be. 

How can we distinguish good from evil as children?  Teach our children to harm no one or no living thing such as Mother Nature and all her animals. Teach our children to take no more than they need and share the surplus  with others who have little or nothing. Teach our children Love by example. Teach our children that we are one people, not divided by races, colors or creeds or languages or topical traditions. As Steven Spielberg once portrayed in his movie " ET the Terrestrial" 


Negative energy can consume you, only if you allow it! Why then does anyone have evil in his life? Do people really allow evil to consume them?

The answer is simple:

Our value system and priorities may not be what they should be. Have you ever heard the saying "Money is the root of all evil"? Well, ~~  that is not completely true, but, when one's happiness is tied to one's bank account or to worldly treasures, the fact is that person in the end not only will loose his happiness, but will spew negativity. Man can be short sighted when it comes to what is most important in life. Once the Psyche snow ball rows down the negative slope, it gets bigger and bigger until one is lost. 

One last comment on Evil

Evil is a real energy. I was one of the priests at an exorcism at a Greek Orthodox church in California. It was not at Saint Sophia in Los Angeles where I was assigned to. I was in the  presence of evil. There was no doubt this man from Greece was possessed by evil energy. I am compelled to not sharing the details of the events of that experience. It is something that does not deserve further attention. As far as I know this Greek man has returned to Greece free of negative energy.

 My dear brothers and sisters in this realm, my advise is:

If you cannot take it with you when you leave this realm, do not invest spiritual energy in it. Do no harm to anyone or anything. Seek your peace with the Great Spirit and share your wealth of positivity with Love and Light! 

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