Friday, June 15, 2012


It has been said "It is better to light a candle then to curse the darkness"

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I can say that while I was a priest there were blessings for every occasion, whether if was for a new house, a pet, even a new car. Then of coarse ceremonial blessings for weddings, baptisms, etc. 

Do blessings have a forgiving quality as in the Christian ritual of "Holy Confession"?  The Christian Parishioner  recites in a confessional  "forgive me Father for I have sinned" and requests a blessing as an act of forgiveness.   Then there are humans who need encouragement when they feel depressed, regardless of religious belief. We all have a tendency to become angry and stressed at what is perceived to be the source of the anger. I always say " believe that after the storm there can be a rainbow". 

Does one have to experience darkness in Life to require a blessing? I say absolutely not! Perhaps those blessings we offer to our fellow humans outside the venue of a religious building are the most impacting. One does not have to be a clergyman to exercise  the practice of extending blessings. When one says to another "Have a blessed Day" or at end a note or message with  "Blessings to you" ~~  the gesture is like one wishing all things good come to the other. The bestowing of this gesture spews positive energy into the universe that can unite us.   

What is interesting in the Islam  faith, which has no clerical Caste, there are no blessings for individuals. Having said that, Islam itself is regarded as blessing on all mankind. Like in many cultures when one can greet another  or when one departs from another,  they pronounce in essence ~~ "Peace and Blessings" be upon him. In Greece one says ~~ both when greeting and departing " Yiasou". Which essentially means "to your heath". This is also a toast when drinking. 

It comes down to appreciating what we have and that we have been blessed to witness another sunrise and healthy enough to experience another  Sunset.

Below is a beautiful video on "The Art of Blessing"

Blessings to all and thank you for visiting!

Love and Light


  1. My Beloved Stephen,
    Thank You so much for your Kindness in sending me the link to your Beautiful Blog. I'm really Amazing on how Blessings can do so much for other people and their lives.
    I try to do my best in everything I can and everywhere. I Love GOD, my Family, people, animals, flowers, and everything around. I try to be Kind and send the Best inside my Heart and Mind for everybody and to The Universe. I'm pretty sure that everything good is returned to me.
    Thank You so much for feeding our Souls with your Beautiful Blog and Articles.
    Have a very Beautiful, Sunny, and Blessed weekend for you and yours Always!!!
    Happy Father's Day for you and Fathers everywhere.
    GOD Bless You All!!!
    Much Love, Light, Gratitude

  2. It is me who is honored! May I ask who is "Unknown"

    I am blessed that I have others like you to share this beauty!
    to share this beauty



  3. Well.. wow another thought provoking post, my friend. And I can't diss agree with you.We can gave blessing to each other daily.

    In Islam we do actually, you know, like when we greet anyone, even strangers, we say " As-Salāmu `Alaykum " peace be uopn you" and other person in return say " Wa`Alaykum As-Salām", meaning "and on you be peace." So we are blessing each other everyday.

    We also ask for forgiveness and blessing but it does not need any preset or Maulan.

    OK.. about Islam is a blessing for all quite a big and deep thing. Only those peep can understand who let their heart opened.

    Have a blessed day, my friend.
    Peace be upon you.

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  5. Making the choice to bless every person, you can truly make a world of difference in yourself and in others around you. To bless means to wish unconditionally from your heart divine care, and unrestricted good for others. Thank you Stephen, and don't forget to bless the utterly beautiful person you are!
    May God's blessings be upon you!!

  6. Wa`Alaykum As-Salām" my family! I am truly blessed by your mirror of my energy. Thank you for the inspiration to create this incredible energy through this blog!


    Love and light!