Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Our Body can be described as walking energy. If there were a machine that could measure energy from a human as a Geiger counter measures radiation, ~~  the needle could be off the chart. If there were some kind of glasses one could wear that could see energy through matter, (as in the human body) we could look like a walking fireball. There are humans walking this planet whose energy is so strong you could see the radiance emanating from their body with the naked eye. That is if you are also in tune with the energy that surrounds us in this realm. 

Eastern Religions such as Buddhism and Hinduism realized thousand's of years ago certain Mudras could harness the energy along with meditation. The Mudra that is most practiced and known in the west during meditation is the Gyan Mudra:    

There are Mudras that groups of people exercise together and that is the Hakini Mudra :

Highest form of respect, ~~ thank for sharing our space together  Namaste Mudra:

These Mudras are practiced to influence the energies in our body. They have been used in spiritual practice and to this day there are still used as a way to the path of Spiritual enlightenment.

The eastern religions identified above have identified certain points in our body that are conduits of our energy. They are called Chakras.   In Sanskrit Chakra means  Wheel. Like a spinning wheel of light.   While there are more than 110 Chakras in our body the most popular are seven. All alining the spine. ~~~ Makes sense, since the spine in humans is the nerve center of the body. All Chakras can contribute to our being  as they can open the energies we were born with to deal with all issues we face in this life time.  Each Chakra has what is called a "seed sound". According to Hindu beliefs, everything in the universe is made of sound. The sounds are representations of the energy pattern of each Chakra.    

 They are as follows:

I have provided a link for you to obtain much more information on not only the seven main Chakras but more. Very interesting information. Also, there is a 3 minute Chakra test to see where you stand among this life time with your strong and weak energies.

Is this mind over matter? What is really real in this life? Who are we? Are we real? It has been said among philosophers that the only thing that is real is constant. In other words, never changing. If you believe this then I have proof that I am not real. I have baby photos, photos of me as a student, photos of me as a much older person, etc. etc. We are forever changing as humans in this world as is much we see in the world. Is our unchanging soul the only thing that is real? I will tackle this subject in an upcoming post. 

Tap into this incredible energy we all have in meditation and  good health and better understanding of who we are will become more clear! I assure you that the more energy you tap into and share with you fellow humans, the more your aura of peace and light will show. Unity will be realized in this world. 

 Blessings of love, Peace and Light to you!

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