Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Tierra Robada in Spanish means Stolen Land

Many Native Americans still feel this way and consequently will not celebrate the American traditional Independence day in the manner we are accustomed to.

There are a number of Pow Pows which take place all over the United States in the month of July including on the Fourth of July and it may seem like they are celebrating the 4th, but, in fact they are doing their usual celebrating with song, dance and drums. 

This is not an issue with just with the Native Americans, but with many countries in this world including but not limited to Australia's Aborigines, South America, etc. Genocide and stolen land from the indigenous people all over the world.  We Americans hold the dubious trophy for  largest genocide against humans in all the world.  ~~ not Hitler or Genghis Khan, ~~ no ~~ it is the US. What I must acknowledge for North America is their efforts  to compensate the Native Americans by giving back their land and financial support. 

There are Natives who do not consider to be Americans. They claim to be the tribe they belong to. Such as Navaho, Hopi, Lakota Sioux and so on.


The Dakota and Sioux tribes had and some sill have a Holiday or celebration that takes place on the 4th of July called Giveaway day when gifts are given to those they want to honor. This makes more since to me instead of celebrating winning a war and causing much death.

Please note that the following excerpt comes from a site called Native News Network. Below is a link to copy and paste. Very inspirational about our first people.

"Indian ceremonial activities were prohibited under threats of imprisonment and/or withholding of ration. The secretary of the Inertial issued this Code of Regulations in 1884, 1894, and 1904 through Indian Affairs Commissioner's circulars and Indian agent directives. In turn, India Superintendents and agents implemented the code until 1936. In the 50 year period, Indian Spiritual ceremonies such as the Sun Dance and Ghost Dance were held in secret or ceased to exist.

Some tribes continued their ceremonials during the 4th of July under the disguise of telling their agents  they were celebrating American Independence Day. Usually the American flag was displayed in a prominent position to support this claim. Otherwise many of these tribal ceremonies would also ceased to exist."

It is my opinion that while we may continue to recognize our independence from England, ~~ thus celebrating Thanksgiving and the 4th of July, but, ~~we should never forget history and where we were when we first arrived in this country and what we did to achieve  the place we are now. ~~ less we repeat the atrocities against humanity for greed and materialism we cannot take with us in the afterlife. We own nothing! We barrow it until we pass it on to our children and grandchildren.

In Lakota/ Cherokee:           Symbol of Peace in Cherokee
Adanvdo             :   Great Spirit
Isilvquodi            :  Love                 
Nvwadohiyadv    : Peace

Mitakuye Oyasin  : We are One

Aho                     : Amen


Blessings to all!


  1. the 4th of July is the day the europeans and their descendants celebrate their triumph over the Native Peoples. Why should First Nation people celebrate? thanks for killing us gringo?

    1. The 4th of July is the celebration of independence from England. It has nothing to do with the Native Americans who were slaughtered by those Europeans you spoke of . Where did you learn your American History from?

  2. great post

    it would be better for our nation to return what was stolen from the Native Americans (although the lives could never be replaced)

    that would be a real cause for celebration for all humankind

    1. Paul, Wado "thank you" brother for your reflection of my sentiments. My you always walk in the path of the great Spirit!