Thursday, July 12, 2012


In both the animal and human kingdom on Earth the female is the corner stone of her family. This is for good reason. It is through a woman the creator bestows life on Earth. The child gains his senses while in the womb. He feels and hears all that his mother does and feels. When he enters this world usually the first human he encounters is his mother. 

What is interesting is that society requires licenses for driving, for cutting hair or manicures but there is no license required for bringing a human into the world. In the hospital the mother is not given a hand book on raising  children and is not required to read one.  It is true that in most cases the mother just naturally knows what to do. As the family grows each person in the family shares in the development of the family. This action is called  unconditional love. It is unfortunate that some mothers do neglect their children. They were misguided.

Herein lies my issue. We do not have to share the same family name to be a family with our neighborhood, city, state, country and world. Yet ~~~ To extend the family one must treat our neighbors like family. It is unfortunate that within our own family environment we do not always practice unconditional love. Individual egos creep into our  psyche as we grow older. The source may not be from our family members but from our exposure to public schooling and society. In general, many people are more competitive in life, disregarding the needs and caring for others so they may achieve their selfish needs. The biggest failure in a household, community, country and world wide is the failure to communicate. The failure to communicate in families can mostly be because a trust issue. Believing you have to lie to get what you want because you feel otherwise that you will not get it. In a trusting, loving relationship there is no need to not communicate what it is you want and feeling.  

When from an early age the Matriarch of the family sets the example on love, trust and communication for the  children to have a foundation to build upon. Yes, the mother, by nature nourishes the family and the Father could be looked upon as the "enforcer" ~~~ put in a crude way. Both parents need to teach by example. Using this method is the same formula for the rest of the humans who share the air we breath. 

Below is a very poignant video on setting an example for our children and society:

Let's clean our closets first at home and then we can take our love to share with the world. Simple gestures of kindness which cost you nothing maybe the most valuable gift you can give your fellow human. A smile, an act of caring can make your fellow human your brother or sister.  It is not uncommon that many Christian religions and other faiths refer to humans as brothers and sisters, not related by blood. After all, regardless of where we were born, the language we speak, the food we eat, ~~ we all bleed red. 

Maybe not everyone is receptive to your kindness, smiles, love, but, know that  you cannot fail if you do not give up on humanity!

The video below emphasizes my point about immediate family love and how that affected the 65 thousand people in the stands. They will remember that more than anything else at the Barcelona Olympics in 1992.

Take a second look at what activates your spirit. When you begin to get goose bumps, share them with your fellow brothers and sisters. The task will have challenges and while you may not see an immediate difference to that human, know you have touch his heart and he will appreciate the gesture of kindness. It will be contagious. You cannot fail when you do not give up.

Love and Light to all my brothers and sisters! 



  1. ok .. god bless you ..

  2. Hi Stephen. This is a lovely post and I did cry :-). I totally agree with what you are saying, your message in this post. The world would be such a better place to live in if everyone treated others as if they were family in the best sense of what family is. It does not take a lot to see out with your own self and situation to see others and care for them. Behind The Smile.

    1. Thank you for your reflection and in the process joined the family