Friday, July 20, 2012


Water is life's' Mater and Matrix  ~~ Mother and Medium. There is no life without water

Quote from Albert Szent Gyorgyi

I have posted on the subject of water with about 8 different videos to view which are absolutely fascinating. This time, however I am approaching the subject  with less scientific  facts and more of re-introducing our extended family from our waters on this planet. Most of us have not visited our family in the waters on this planet. This is relative unknown territory for most of us. And yet it inhabits  incredible intelligence and spirituality.

Perhaps the most recognized and beloved life in sea is the Dolphin. And for good reason. Dolphins have been recognized as the rulers of the seas from ancient civilizations who portray Dolphins in their mythology. Dolphins are believed to have healing powers.  The most popular sculpture is the boy on the Dolphin It has also been believed that dolphins save humans.

Dolphin DNA and human DNA are the same. In fact scientists claim that dolphins are as are as intelligent as humans. Some scientists believe  they should be treated as persons, not as "animals." Dolphins are "self aware" Wow!

When the moon is full, the dolphins will raise to the surface at sea and will "sing or seemly talk to the moon. A sight you should never miss. It is as if they are talking to the universe. In my area there are Dolphin boat trips organized by Michelle Anderson, a very spiritual human and is my friend on Facebook. These trips are usually organized on a solstice or some significant spiritual day or just on a Full Moon night.

Around the world Dolphins are viewed as Light Beings that have been spiritually entrusted with:

1)  Elevating  the vibration of the animal kingdom

2)  Moving within the Ebb and flow of life

3)  Bringing  Balance with the Light and Dark

4)  Being the bridge between human and the ocean.

5) Rescuing the souls of the shipwrecked

6) Meditating between the living and the
7) Anchoring the Platinum liquid Light

8) Expanding your communication with all of your

9) Bring Joy and self-awareness

10) Turning dreams into reality

 Source : The Chelas of the seas

Now that we have explored the spirituality in the water, let's look at water itself:

Around the world, water generally symbolizes LIFE

The Ancient Greeks believed water symbolizes TRANSFORMATION: In other words as in transforming water into liquid to solid, to vapor. Water is usually the ultimate  symbol for Metamorphosis and Philosophical recycling

In the Taoist tradition water is considered an aspect of WISDOM. The concept here is that water takes on the form in which is held. and moves in the path of the least resistance.  It speaks in the higher Wisdom that we should inspire to mimic.

Our birth came from water. When we look for life in our deserts and other worlds we look first for water. Where there is water, there is life.

Now, see the beauty of the sea world. The beauty we usually do not see, but exists all around us with this beauty. Visualize you are the young lady in the video and feel what she feels in this beautiful video with our extended family:

It is time to visit your family in the sea who is here to inspire you, share with you good health and spirituality!

My love and light I send to you with the dolphins!

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