Friday, February 1, 2013


The 2012 phenomena has come and gone. The world has not come to a end. However, ~~ at the very least, we as humans may use this as a wake up call to what we must do for us and the planet to   survive. Not just for this lifetime, but for our children's and great grandchildren and generations to come. Native Americans say the Earth is loaned to us by our grandchildren and it is our obligation to maintain it for their future.

Mother earth and her nature are the oldest and most powerful source of spirituality. This is reflected in the belief system of natives around the world.  Our spirituality has evolved away from our environment and into buildings with with cannon laws. Again, I have no problem with the conduit used to achieve peace and love with all living things on our planet. 

Perhaps the best living example of reconnecting with the Vortexes of our planet is the Kaponay Family from Australia traveling throughout North and South Americans with their two children. Visiting the heart beats of Mother Earth. George Kaponay is the founder  of the site: Please consider visiting the site. I have had the blessing of meeting the Kaponay family while they were in Los Angeles California and took a trip to the local mountains and shared with mother nature with rock piling, etc. 

Know that it is true that the poles of Mother Earth are shifting at a rate unlike any time in our century. Yes the planet is changing and we humans have played a role in the negative changes by not taking care of our environment. 

At this time I believe we should celebrate our life as we can do every morning when we wake up.

Not all of us have such a wonderful opportunity to travel the world and visit sites of incredible energy. However you do not need much time or money to visit even your local park and walk with nature. 

Below is a photo of a vortex called "Garden of the Gods"in Colorado Springs, Colorado in the US. I have a client in Colorado Springs and spent time there. Each day I was there I would walk through the Gardens and meditate.

Below is an incredible video which reflects Mother Earth and her life for which we can celebrate

May you take the time to re-connect with spirituality from Mother Earth and be blessed by the life you have in love and light!

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  1. Dearest Stephen,

    It was so wonderful to read your post. We think of you much on our journey and your words, thoughts and their intentions resonate with us completely as we continue traveling the world and encounter the energies that you speak of in some of the most energetic places on the planet. In South America there seem to be many of them and you can sense their effect on the people here, particularly here in Ecuador where the people have a very centered a warm energy radiating from their hearts.

    While materialism tries its hardest to grab hold of them and change their values, alter their priorities and dominate their hearts, the energy from nature here is stronger and I can feel that ultimately materialism will fail. Here, while people still face the same challenges of day to day life, their views are not set, like most people's view are in developed countries, that the only way to solve these problems is in servitude to the self imposed slavery of fear. Many of the younger generation here can remember that in their grandparents time there was no need for money, particularly here in Vilcabamba, 'The Valley of Longevity".

    Perhaps this is one reason why there is an unprecedented number of people here that are well over 100 years old. In fact, this place has a greater concentration of centenarians than on any other place on the planet. I feel that their connection to the energies of nature, particularly from the older generation, who understand that money with all its required servitude, is not the only way we can solve our needs, has vastly contributed not only to their well being, but also their view on the world in what is possible. Everything was always available here from the Earth and Community to sustain the people of Vilcabamba, as will it be long after money is gone

    Many of us in the so called developed world have lost this vision of how this could be possible, as all we see is the materialism of the malls that surround and sustain us. Most children in this ‘Developed’ world are totally disconnected from the fact that nature has anything to do with what provides them sustenance. Many people from this world look at their T.V.s and see particularly intended selected images of the what is labeled as the ‘Third World’ and all they see is poverty, war, dirt, and children suffering. Immediately that projected image takes form in their mind and it has done its intended job. It either scares them half to death with the potential thought that this kind of living awaits them if they do not conform, or alternatively, it gives them a sense of relief that they are standing safely in their sterile, immaculate homes, in the belief that this is what sustains them and keeps them happy. Yet nothing could be further from the truth, as this image that they have willingly accepted as truth, creates a prison for their minds where they continue to mistake pain for pleasure.

    This is what happens when we so completely disconnect ourselves from nature and accept other’s intended views of the world as our own. We forget in this situation how grounding and uplifting the earth can make us feel. In our intentions to police others to death around us with this mistaken view, we forget that our energies are linked and that not one of us can escape this mentality without lifting all of us up and that this has nothing to do with the pursuit of materialism and everything to do with the pursuit of happiness, something I believe is guaranteed as a right in The Constitution of the United States of America.

    Thank you for mentioning The Crystal Heart Energy Grid. We welcome everyone to join us here! It is completely free, and a place where we can all reconnect to the energies of earth very easily. At The Grid, we have dedicated a place where people can come to share their coming to knowledge and in doing so, generate and broadcast these energies of awakening to all on the planet. To read the reso of this response come to