Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Adversities can be an opportunity to learn more about yourself.  I have always said "it does not matter how you fall, but how you get up from falling"  When you are engulfed in anxiety and it seems over bearing, change the way you look at the challenge. Meditate or pray on what good message can come from this situation. Do not allow the experience to take you  like a wave and pull you into the ocean of anxiety.

The above image is of Oscar Pistorius, An Olympian from South Africa who was born with no legs. As he grew older guess what he wanted to be in life? ~~ a runner ~~~ with no legs. Here is a man who has been blessed in life, not cursed. 

"Never to suffer would never to have been blessed. "

Quote from Edgar Allen Poe

So ~~ regardless of the  adversity and its intensity in life, whether from accidents, financial, health, family matters, anything that disrupts you heart beat, you can find in yourself the strength which can be ignited by your spirituality and see the calm after the storm.

I have said before, Mother Earth and her nature is a powerful source of spirituality. And guess what, ~~ humanity has distant himself not only by destruction of  nature but by the fact that we rarely touch Mother because  of the cement we have covered her with and walk upon. If we remain in the cement Jungle  we live in and do not  escape from the cage we have put ourselves in, we have ignored a powerful source  of energy which can be a remedy for how we can get beyond the Adversities we face in life. To live a life without adversities is to live a life without color. ~~  Seeing life in black and white. Never becoming a complete person. Adversities is like  carving tools for the soul. They mold us who we are today.

May I suggest a walk with Mother Nature, away from the cement Jungle we live in. Even taking your shoes off,   and allow a physical contact with Mother Earth. Meditate or pray there and I assure you the adversities you face will be seen in a different manner.  

The following is a poignant quote on adversities:

"The most beautiful people I've know are those who have known trials, have known struggles, have known loss, and have found their way out of the depths."

Quote from Elisa Kuber-Ross

What has triggered this post was a series of Insurance claims I have investigated lately where there was a loss of life, and a assortment of various accidents which seemingly were unbearable to the victim.   I have found myself attempting to be more comforting than explaining laws on liability. Going far beyond the scope of my job description for a good purpose and not compromising my investigations. It is the passion in me that motivates me. You can do the same with your fellow humans. Present yourself as a spiritual door to walk through and derail the  vision of negativity and reveal your light on all challenges.

Another Quote:

"If the road is easy you're likely going the wrong way."

Quote From Terry Goodkind

 If Oscar Pistorius can fulfill his dream as an Olympian runner with no legs, you can overcome your adversities also. Appreciate what you have, look at adversities as an opportunity to shine  among all life and humanity, I know I have. Thank God I have had so many adversities which makes me the beautiful human I am.

Light and Love to all!

February 14th 2013 9:30 AM

I have just learned of the shocking news that Oscar Pistoriuos   has just been charged with the murder of his girlfriend. ~~  Well, all can I say is the I wish that he is cleared of all charges. This does not diminish his efforts to overcome his serious adversity from birth. It just adds to another one he needs to take face which is hard to believe, but probably this will the biggest challenge of his life either created by him or or not.

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