Tuesday, July 30, 2013


When one mentions spirituality often people think of a discipline or a strict regiment that is confining what they consider to be a prim and proper behavior. To laugh out loud laughter in some Churches is consider Sacrilegious. Well, there we go again. Being religious is not necessarily being spiritual.  Why cannot humans see there is a huge difference between spirituality and religion.  It should not be so. The role of Spirituality should be the driving force behind the religious experience in a place of worship, regardless of dogma preached.

This post was not meant to discuss dogma and or philosophy when it comes to personal experiences in life.

Years ago When I Spoke from the pulpit or  at seminars there was always humor. One of my favorite speakers and writers  is Doctor Wayne Dryer among many others. He always has  humor  in his presentations on life improvement and spirituality.

There were sometimes roaring laughter from the parishioners from my sermons. The dean of the church would caution me about preserving the sacred venue we were in out of respect. Probably because he had to, not becuase he wanted to. He was laughing  as hard as our flock did. Humor is infectious. The sound of roaring laughter is far more contagious then any cough, sneeze or sniffle. When laughter is shared, it creates a bond with people.

Since I was young I was the clown in the house and at school. In Elementary school I created little games like "stinker stick" on the playground during recess. A chasing game, running away from the dreadful stick which was thrown by a "stinky kid". 

Even at funerals at times there was respectful laughter in my eulogies. Humor resulting in laughter can diminish pain and even can protect you from the damaging effects of stress. A healing remedy for the Spirit.

Believe it or not, Laughter also  is medicinal for the body. It boosts the immune system. It releases endorphins in the body. Laughter improves the function of the blood vessels. Laughter protects the heart. 

What a simple medicine for the body and spirit. No prescription needed, does not cost you any money. The medicine is within. 

Growing up with my nieces and nephews they called me "Uncle Crazy Man". They still do on Facebook because I would walk around in the house mimicking Steve Martin on the Saturday Night live show where Steve would wave his hands in the air and pronounce that he was "A wild and crazy guy". 

I have always acknowledged that comedians are very intelligent people who are tuned into people's psyche and know what tickles their funny bone. 

The following is a video on Patch Adams regarding conventional medicine and medicine from the spirit.

Today I incorporate everyday communication with some humor. I rarely say a sentence with out using words from different languages I know. Such as Donde is my Valitsa? ~~ which means "Where is my briefcase" The first word is Spanish, then English and lastly Greek. I have even created words with subtle  hints of different languages.  such  as saying Walito instead of wallet.

The general concept is to speak from the spirit.

I do not mean as in the Pentecostal church speaking in "Tongues".

I feel the more Spiritual you are the more humor you will inspire among all those you come into contact with.Let you hair down and put a smile on anyone you are in contact with, the waitress at a restaurant, the teller at the bank, friend and family and strangers from all walks of life. The happier you appear to be the happier people around you are.

The ancient Greeks and Romans knew the significance of humor and how to deal with tragedy. This is not a new concept. Allow your Spirit to envelope your Body and you will be much more happy and  healthy.

This what I mean. On an occasion, just allow yourself to be happy  and allowing the spirit simply take over

Be well in humor, love and light!


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