Thursday, July 11, 2013


This post comes from my writing in a group I own on It is called "The art of Communication"

Lately I have come across a number of fellow members at my gym who have had numerous challenges to either  their body and or spirit.

When someone is in pain, either physically or emotionally it can be apparent, mostly in the facial expressions. The body does not lie and that is part of what we know as body language. 

The question is, ~~ how can we possibly heal that pain through communication?  Most of us try to hide the pain or at least do not talk about it. One thing is a certain remedy, ~~ and that is projecting positive energy by speaking of positive actions and beliefs. Make reference to any positive reinforcement you may have read or heard.

A number of years ago the manager of the health club where I go was looking very frail and had lost a great deal of weight. I asked her if she were alright and only after some considerable conversation I learned from her that she recently had a kidney removed that was malignant. It was devastating to her as she was a very active person, playing tennis 3-4 times a week. Her husband the, head tennis pro at the club, who is   my golfing partner  was also affected by the news. He was rather depressed to say the least.

She did mention that she still feels lucky to be alive and recalled my accident and that it was miraculous that I am still alive. She really tried to be positive and then I said to her, " When you touch someone's heart, your finger prints never fade"! She has touched the heart of countless people, being the manger for this club for over 20 years. As she walked away, she started to tear and said "thank you, I needed that!" 

Now at this time with all the positive energy over these past few years she is in remission.

"The best and most efficient pharmacy is within your own system." 

Quote by  Robert C. Peale.

~ Yes, medicine has come along ways for the past 100 years and can do what 100 years ago would be considered miracles. But since man's existence he has had the ability to heal himself and his fellow man by simply communicating with him. He has had this ability  to heal with something as simple as with  gestures of kindness and caring since the beginning of time.

Read the body language of your fellow human. Even if that person is a stranger.  if you see his pain, offer kind words such as simple as "have a great day" or a gesture that will leave your spiritual finger print on that person not just until the end of that day, but maybe for life. You might not even be feeling well yourself when you do this. You will attract positive energy to yourself and may even heal yourself your challenges in the process. 

Just this morning I experienced this. And, ~~ yes I even feel better.

I am not suggesting that you call heal all. These gestures, however, can make the road of life with challenges a little more palatable and at the same time therapeutic for you.

Be well in light and love.

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