Friday, August 16, 2013


Well,  ~~ this event is more commonly known as your birthday.  The event  can be best described by me as the celebration of the Great Creator who imbues scared air into our lungs giving us life at the moment of birth.  The pnevma ~~ spirit enters the body from that very second. It is characterized as a miracle. What we can celebrate is gratitude to the bearer of our body, the mother, for being the vessel which facilitates the development of  the body that accepts the breath from the Great Creator.

We have two sacred events at once: The woman becoming a mother and the child gaining life with his soul. A soul which has always been with him.

Our society has created two separate celebrations for this great moment called Mother's Day and our Birthday.

For me, ~~ I view this day as a day of gratitude for my mother. While she is not of this realm now, she will feel the energy of my gratitude.

Yes, my anniversary of my first breath in this world is August 31st. As we all get closer to our anniversary of life we can contemplate on the blessings not only of the year past, but since we were brought into this world.

"The two most important days of your life are 
the day you were born 
                     and the day you find out why!"                        

Quote by Mark Twain

All of us have a purpose in life. Do not think for a second that we just happened In this world. It might take a few wake up calls before you identify with your purpose  in life.I know it did for me. In fact it took three wake up calls before I got the message loud and clear.

Like a cocoon which opens up into a beautiful butterfly. I have witness this metamorphosis in many people including my Father and Mother.

As I approach the the next bend in the road in my life I want to continue to be blessed by the beautiful people who surround me now. A gathering you ask? I would like to call it an opportunity to be connected or re-connected. Regardless I will be blessed and my gift will be the love I will experience.

I Pray I will be blessed the by the ability to navigate the bends in the road of life for years to come. If I am deprived of some bends in my life I am ready to return to the womb of Mother Earth with no hesitation.    

May we all take a moment in our life to celebrate our "miracle" and all the beautiful life we are surrounded with, given to us by the great creator. 

Amen -  Aho

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