Wednesday, November 20, 2013


I was inspired to right this post by one of our beautiful followers of this blog when she sent me these two images

The above title of this post is a parallel of a quote from the Bible from  Isaiah 11:1-10

Isaiah was prophetic who had a clear understanding of the significance  children have in our spirituality. Contrary to biblical scholars of his time and even among today's scholars who  view this statement as naive and misdirected. I disagree! The best observation point in  viewing how we can reach a level of spirituality that will sling us to the afterlife is to look at our children. 

"In the new testament, Mark 10:15 Jesus said the kingdom of God is like a little child, that those who wish to enter the Kingdom must do so as children." 

Is it not interesting how we come into  this realm as a child and as we age we seem to revert to our childhood. We become child like even physically. We wore diapers as a child and then as an adult.  We just call them "depends" for adults.  We become the children of our children. They can nurture us to the afterlife. 

Perhaps the best example of  man becoming a child in adulthood is Walt Disney. I have dedicated a post to him and his spirituality in this blog.  

Below is a link to that blog

Ask my family, they will tell you I still act like a child and even speak like one when among them. In today's social environment it is not conducive to act childish. Unfortunately some People tend to not take you seriously because they are too serious themselves.  

Believe or not, I give goofy nick names, like when I am ordering a coffee drink or anything over the counter. They will ask for my name for the order and I will tell them I am Baba or Toustie and they laugh or give me a big smile which was my objective to begin with.

Our minds can be a traffic jam, an accident, waiting to happen. Clear your mind from the every day challenges with meditation or just by sitting somewhere quietly and take deep breaths and focus on the positive, remember the great times as a kid  

Do not lose your childhood ~~ Be a Peter Pan

If you cry over love stories, animated movies or over documentaries about animals  ~~~ and you love animals, then mostly you still have the child inside you. Do not lose that child.

Love and Light to you!

And thank you Stella for the inspiration!


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