Sunday, January 19, 2014


We humans have an internal battle and challenge inside us from birth. Some Theologians call this condition as 'Original Sin" inherited from Adam and Eve. Regardless, the battle going on inside all of us will follow us to the afterlife.

How can we deal with this condition? The secret word is "Choice" Theologians may call this  "FREE WILL"  gifted to us by the Creator.

This post will not address environmental and social influences. I am focusing on the choices we make the moment we start our every day activities. We can arm ourselves  with positive affirmations and always see good in people,  whether we know them or not. We can control our emotions or just sit there and complain about how unfair life is to us  which causes us to be angry.
I, myself, have been the greatest violator of my own spiritual teaching on occasions. One thing is certain, That which you strive for you can achieve.

You have to believe you are in control of your own "destiny" even I tend to forget that "it is not about not getting hit to the ground by life , but how we get up from the fall"

Paraphrase Quote from unknown source.

What I find that helps the best is create little goals  in life to achieve to help make you a better person with no anger.

The above image reflects the Wisdom of our first people with from the Cherokee Grandfather teaching his grandson. In his response to his grandson's query he replied "The wolf you feed" will win the battle. In other words,  ~~ feed the energy that will take you to a higher level of peace, love and serenity.

The video below provides some visuals and chanting which enhance the message. Native people story telling is very powerful. Yes, -- this was and is the pulpit of their church.  Mother Earth!

Receive what comes your way in a positive manner. Do not be critical of the trail set before you as you have not been through all the bends in the road. Believe that there is a divine purpose for all that envelopes you in this beautiful life! Ithica is waiting for you!  

Love and light to all! 

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